Blank Space/(Y)Our Space


20 May 2010 to 02 Jul 2010
Opening times:


A multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring 16 artists evoking their sense of the void.

All works explore the artist’s impression of blank space through the creation of art set against the pull of the void, encompassing a sense of mind, body and literal space. Our Space Gallery will become a creative sensory zone for 6 weeks with works allowing spectators to become a part of the creative space through the visual, touch, sound and creative participation.

The exhibition features 13 emerging artists based in the UK and 3 artists who are part of Art Saves Lives an organisation that "empowers and rehabilitates people through the medium of art".

Work includes site specific installations, sound, video, paintings and sculpture.

Artists: Morgan Beringer, Susan Bowman, Lucy Edkins, Claire Hazelton, Martyn Hill, Victoria Karlsson, Paul Indersley, Nicola McCartney, Eve McDouagll, Char Millare, Amanda Moss, Axelle Russo, Dean Stalham, Theo Tagholm, Kassim Bay and Deano de la Vega

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Together Our SPace Gallery, 12 Old Street, London EC1V 9BE