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02 Mar 2020
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Peer Mentoring Programme - Offer Expires on the 23th of April 2020

Are you passionate about creating art?


Do you struggle to recognise your unique, authentic creative voice?


Do you want more confidence, focus and creative freedom?


Is your dream to turn your energy and skill into a full-time occupation?

Do you need someone to help show you the way?


This is a programme for creative people, artists and introverts

Join us to present your artwork, hear and receive feedback from your peers and join in the conversation with multi Award Winner Laura Iosifescu, the founder of Laura I. Gallery. In this session, Laura will start by sharing their personal and professional practice, before facilitating a dialogue and discussion around each presenting artists’ work.


This is for you if:

-        your communication skills and confidence are not the best when speaking about your ideas and your artwork

-        you struggle to deal with rejection when not accepted in an exhibition,

-        you are not able to receive and make the most of constructive criticism when given feedback on your work

-        you struggle to communicate during exhibitions

-        you struggle to use social media platforms to talk about your artwork

-        you would like to build connections with your fellow artists

-        you want to organise group exhibitions


By the end of programme, you will:

-        Be able to talk about your artwork in public

-        Make new friends

-        Get amazing feedback from your fellow artists on your art

-        Be able to better promote your art on social media

-        Be able to express your worries and get advice from each other


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Laura I.Gallery,Studio 10,IceHouse Court
Abbey Road
IG11 7BT