Berlin Voids: 25 Years After the Wall


23 Jan 2014 to 22 Feb 2014
Opening times:

PV: 23 Jan, 6-9pm

Thurs - Sun 12pm - 5pm

As 2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, architectural photographer Paul Raftery unveils his latest project ‘Berlin Voids’ – a documentation of the powerful spaces that have emerged since the wall was breached by East German protesters in November 1989. Raftery says, “Since my first visit in 1980, I have always been fascinated by Berlin and its history. Photographing the void where the wall used to be is a powerful way of thinking about the impact of a scar that lasted 28 years”.

As we approach a time when the wall will have been down for as long as it stood, 25 years after jubilant east German protesters breached this historic barrier, it seems a fitting time to celebrate and remind ourselves of the iconic power this structure held in history. On public display for the first time, and currently with no further plans to exhibit them, this is a rare opportunity to see Raftery’s thought provoking images.

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020 7403 9938
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Anise Gallery
13a Shad Thames