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08 Nov 2017
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Celebrate seven years of artistic experimentation with us!

Fundraiser Event at Somerset House studios - Wednesday 8th November
Snooker Room, Strand, London WC2R 1LA
live music performance with Benedict Drew and DJ Chooc Ly Tan

​The raffle will be held at 9pm with artworks by artists Yuri Pattison, Jenna Sutela, Melanie Jackson, Zarina Muhammad, Anne de Boer, and more.
The fundraiser directly supports:

New Commissions of Artworks, Artists’ Publishing and Performance
New Commissions of public talks generating vital discussion of art today
...and ensures that excellent and challenging art remains visible in a busy public space

With much thanks for the generous and kind support of Five Points Brewing and Somerset House Studios, and the wonderful artists who so generously donated work so that other artists might also.

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