BAM-BOO - Claire Nichols


27 Apr 2018 to 29 Apr 2018
Opening times:

12pm -6pm

​PV 26th April 6pm-9pm

ArtWorks Open 2017 Prizewinner Claire Nichols selected by Florence Peake and Tai Shani

BAM-BOO is a solo show by Claire Nichols at the ArtWorks Project Space, Barbican Arts Group Trust (BAGT). The exhibition brings together new tactile and geometric compositions using existing materials gathered from the area surrounding the BAGT and accumulated over time from different studios and artist residencies.

Treating the relations between these found objects more like aspects of an organism than an installation, this body of work materialises a process that has no clear ending. Nichols is interested in improvisation and movement, and each composition she creates is balanced and temporary; open to new configurations. Each day of the exhibition the viewer will witness a new iteration, as the organism shifts, collapses and renews. In this way, Nichols blurs the line between studio and gallery and proposes that the gallery becomes a site of interrogation with regards to the creative process, both for the artist and the viewer.

Exhibitions and performances include arebyte, London; Enclave Lab, London; David Roberts Art Foundation, London; Art on the Underground, London; FormContent, London; Centre Cultural la Mercè, Girona; TwoHotel, Bahia; and Despina, Rio de Janeiro. Nichols was artist in residence at the Florence Trust between 2016-17 and her work is included in the Chelsea Special Collections and Goldsmiths Women’s Art Library.

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