Autumn Half-term workshop for young people. Nature drawing/movement/printmaking: ON EMPATHY


24 Oct 2017
Opening times:

10.30am - 3.30pm

The workshop starts at Standpoint Gallery before setting off on a field trip to explore the period gardens of close-by Geffrye Museum. Lead by artist Sarah Lawton and artist educator Beatrice Bless, young participants will search for patterns in nature and take drawings and rubbings of their findings.

Once back in the gallery, young people will practice traditional Indian dance gestures and their meaning. Together we will share stories through language and movement.

The final part of the workshop involves block-printing to replicate symetric/non-symetric patterns in the natural world, based on collections taken during the garden visit in the morning.

Throughout the day young people will learn different craft techniques and print their final artwork on paper and on Khadi* cloth. All textile samples have been sourced during the artist’s residency in Ahmedabad, India. *Khadi cloth is hand-spun and hand-woven fabric.