Anamorphic Waves


11 Apr 2019 to 14 Apr 2019
Opening times:

Launch event, 11th April: 6pm-10pm

Exhibition, 12th-14th April: 12pm-6pm

Anamorphic Waves is an exhibition which explores how digital interfaces and technological tools are reshaping our personal, professional and ecological relationships, and how they have modified our view of love, sexuality and gender.

In our recent call for proposals we invited artists to reflect on the question How much is technology changing human behaviours? After an overwhelming number of proposals Ugly Duck has decided to curate a group show. 

During this three-day group exhibition, the audience will discover more than 25 emerging artists from the UK and Europe whilst exploring our Tanner Street location, a former Victorian factory.

Artworks will include interactive light sculpture, brain wave prints, video art, Virtual Gardens, Artificial Intelligence, alternative universes, musical machines and many other creative investigations.

This exhibition will surprise you, invite you to play and encourage you to rethink our relationship with technology.

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