The Monologues Project

The monologues project is a collaborative exploration of storytelling through digital arts, resulting in:

–  the creation of new audio-visual work

–  online and physical spaces in which to enjoy and share stories

–   educational and inspirational workshops and events.

In late 2010 we were awarded a development grant from the arts council. In 2011 this funding was used to create two StoryFilms and the design for a unique touring installation. The Story Films and the installation visualisations can be viewed on this website.

We created the first of a series of short magic realist films of mythological tales as told by professional oral storytellers. These are collaborative works by accomplished oral storytellers working with video artists and filmmakers to create original, innovative, compelling ‘story-films’. Traditional stories occupy a fantasy space where magical events take place; storytellers play with time and space. The Monologues Project extends this temporal and spatial manipulation through exploring the storytelling and artistic possibilities enabled through digital audio-visual production techniques.

Sedna of the Sea was selected for the Artists Film strand at the Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia, in 2014. 

Both films have been screened at various events in London throughout 2015 and 2016.