Sara Kärpänen - Writer & Visual Artist

Sara Kärpänen - Visual Artist
Remix 2.0 - An anti-advertisement
No Direct Translation
Pitch - Collective Map
#UglyStreet Collaborative stop-motion film for Thinking City, Amsterdam

Sara Kärpänen (1987) is a Finnish-born visual artist (MA) exploring how the citizens shape and connect with their everyday, urban environment. She is interested in alternative ways of looking and using the urban space and re-imagining the everyday life.

Sara holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture and Art in Public Space and BA Degree in Art Education. 

Sara has collaborated with architects, street artist, urban planners and researchers and attended to international art festivals and seminars on art and public space. 

Sara has given talks on street art and art in public space in London (Protest Factory, 2017 and Culture Jamming, 2016) and in Finland (Art in Public Space, 2017, Street Art Panel, Arabia Street Art Festival, 2016.)

Sara has exhibited both in group and solo exhibitions in Finland, England and Portugal. In January 2018, Sara had her first solo exhibition in London titled “Traces in the Cities” at Stour Space gallery, in Hackney Wick. 


About the videos:

"Remix2.0" is an anti-commercial break. The "détournement" is created by twisting, hijacking and copy-pasting Finnish and English TV commercials into a 2-minute video clip.

"No Direct Translation" - What is living in a new culture without knowing the most important aspect of communication, the language? The video describes the feeling of saudade—the untranslatable Portuguese.