For the past year I have been working on a series of medium and large scale paintings, that came about as a result of being in a relationship, during the course of which, I experienced and continue experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. A rollercoaster, the bolts of which sometimes come too close to being undone. No matter how banal this statement may seem, it is however true, the only way I can survive those emotions is to re-direct them into the work.

Almost all of the works still don't have titles and are in progress. It is hard to say when the work is finished, some of the works are put away for some months, and others are finished within a week, or at least, so I think at a time.

One thing I seem to know for sure is that, the works stay still, while the mind that determines whether the work is good or bad is constantly at flux. I find, that I must just forgo the temptation of judgment, leave it to others and simply give in to the process of making.