Infinite Mandala

Digital prints on photographic paper: 100x100 cm - (limited edition of 8 prints for each artwork)

A journey into sacred geometry and contemporary mandalas.
These pictures are born as a visual metaphor of the structure of our universe. 
Think of each mandala as a visual metaphor of our reality. Human beings usually focus their attention only on one wedge of the mandala, which seems to be a representation determined by Chaos (random signs traced in the space), thus not understanding that what they are looking at is instead a part of a perfeclty ordered and harmonious figure which contains their reality.
In the case of these pictures it has been represented a Universe based on 8, but of course there are infinite universes based on infinite numbers.

This is an ongoing project, with new mandalas added from time to time. The mandalas have been created using a mix of digital and analog techniques.

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