Exist Loudly

Having lived in five countries and  having traveled around Europe, I had the privilege of enjoying a wide variety of visual stimuli. From admiring Ukrainian folk art, to enjoying the Portuguese azulejos, to observing the striking and renowned murals on the Wall of Berlin, to photographing the quirky street art around Shoreditch, I often find myself taking mental notes of the things that I would like to experiment with, in my own practice. Comics, pop culture and hip-hop music have been another great source of inspiration. But doing a personal project on women through history brought me to my biggest inspiration yet.

My interest has narrowed in on women’s rights, feminism, and gender discourse and I often find myself examining topics such as confidence, self-doubt, and impostor syndrome, as well as guilt, shame, boundaries, and self-limiting beliefs. I attempt for the protagonists of my illustrations to be the loud visual reminders that we could use to remember that we are enough, and we are worthy. My aim is to inspire and positively charge my audience through pieces that radiate confidence and make a statement. I like to work with clean lines, bold colours, and loud type elements both digitally and traditionally in gouache and watercolours. I want to open a dialogue addressing topics that are especially important but less discussed, such as mental health and self-love.