We are but shadows and dust

WE ARE BUT SHADOWS AND DUST L A Macdonald has initiated a project for Eastbury Manor entitled we are but shadows and dust. “Horace, Odes” Macdonald presents a project in two parts in the attic spaces of the manor. The first recalls memories of a childhood growing up in a house near the manor where generations of Macdonald’s family have lived. Macdonald’s work explores the lives of ordinary working people and recollects the domestic life of a working-class household. The images are collected from a series of family albums and silkscreens printed on transparent papers and illuminated from the back to invoke a ghostly memory of past lives lived. We are such stuff as dreams are made on/ghosts of the house ghosts of my family. The second part recants a small child’s eerie memories of the Manor and presents a series of representations of apparitions and ghosts of the house. The instillation consists of screen-printed images of Tudor portraits such as the occult philosopher John Dee with the intention of summoning the dead in a ritualistic visual ceremony. The work makes reference to the magical rites presented in the Elizabethan play the Tempest and attempts to invoke the dead from previous generations in the dim light of the attic space at Eastbury.