Lene Shepherd

The work is rooted in a topological process. The use of the word rooted is apt in the sense that the work starts from a place that I can physically locate myself within. a spot from where I can be grounded whilst documenting the space through drawing and more recently, filming.

Reconfiguring this initial place through drawing has always been a necessary starting point. Re-drawn and re-constructed to the point where fragments become isolated and new spaces begin to emerge within the drawing, these exist somewhere in-between tangible and imagined space, forcing contradictions in form and function.

The work is heavily process led and I am pre-occupied by the permutations that occur during the translation from the physical reality of a place, to the final work. Interpreting the drawings into Sculptural forms and placing these in the digital realm. I am interested in the way that the documentation I gather is formulated in images and objects and how this information is then filtered and manipulated through representational structures that evolve over time.