Sculpture; Revival

'Trickster makes This World' by Lewis Hyde inspired me to consider the value in art and how I can change the perception held of what has value. The answer for me is up cycling: which is to understand the possibilities of creating value from a non-valuable resource.

By utilising unwanted and used materials, up-cycling is altering the image of waste: reviving items/objects/materials that have no value and placing value back onto them by placing them in an art environment. By disguising the original and salvaging it through the means I have discovered to be important: hype, presentation and the aesthetic conventions of art, I intend to make people think and see again.

I wish to question the definition of what we perceive as valuable. Value and, in this case, beauty is the implication of someone’s ideal. Marcel Duchamp questioned the convention of art’s definition, showing there is a broader range of meaning and this brought me to believe that art’s value has no defined limit for what it could be.

The case that Lewis Hyde brings is that if the 'rubbish' or unwanted is to return, it can return with as much or more value than the original. This highlights, to me, the importance of context and shows that what the contemporary art world relies on is the significant justification of any work.