"A U K E D"

My first focused venture into the world of abstract painting. Before starting, I had in mind to create a piece with depth and contrast. Having watched my mother painting I was inspired to use various methods in order to create texture and atmosphere. The main emphasis of the piece is what I have nicknamed "the womb", it is a part of the painting I wanted to have intensely contrast from the rest, to create a type of passage or direction in the piece. As it progressed it reminded me of the inside of a human body, it looked somewhat monstrous, unsavoury and so came the nickname. The progress came from a want to be more involved, I wanted to create something with more of a visual impact on myself. The piece is by no means finished, due to mess concerns I am limited in regards to progress but my intention is to refine these ideas and bring them into a bigger, elaborated project. 

"F L O R E"

A watercolour snippet exploring a subtle build up of depth and texture. Inspiration for this came from the way in which bushes and undergrowth combine to create a larger overall shape. As with many of my paint ideas it is unfinished but provides a stimulus for implementing in future projects, (almost like a visual diary of methods and processes). 

"C U I L D"

The base concept for a lot of my projects is the idea of having something solid, definite and obvious amongst a backdrop of seemingly disorganised chaos. I do like to play around with many ideas and I have created a lot of ideas that are directly opposite to this idea but I am drawn to designs that "clash" or disrupt the flow. Its why when I do traditional figurative pieces I always have to destroy parts of it in the end because I am never satisfied with the piece finished in a conventional way, it has to show something confused. I have created a lot of snippet ideas like C U I L D, combining cubes and clean lined objects with mess. 

B R I M T and more intricate pattern creation with watercolour

Watercolour is convenient for me at the moment and so any paint snippet ideas that I want a visual representation of I tend to create with watercolour, just to jog the memory of my idea. I have always liked to create 3d like structures, structures that deceive the eye slightly upon viewing. Colours for me play a big part in visual impact and feel of the piece. I would say I go from extreme to extreme with colours. I have been known to create a lot of very dark, melancholic or brooding ideas but I also enjoy creating ideas with a feast of colour. How colours combine and sit next to eachother has always been a fascination of mine and that tends to be why sometimes I order them out into segments, it means each colour is seperated.

"L E S C A" 

Oil painting is something I would like to explore a lot more of, I find the richness and opportunity for creating tonal variation exciting and enthusing. My aim is to do a series of smaller figurative oil paintings and combine them into an overall distorted idea, it is a concept I have been contemplating for a while as it would allow me to work in both a figurative way but represent it in a more abstract concept. 

As for the names of my pieces, ever since starting my blog over five years ago I have used "anonymous" type labelling for my pieces. Part of the reason for this is that I want the onlooker to be free of any preconception, the most important thing for me is that my ideas are viewed for what they are, and most of these ideas are representing creative improvisation, most were created in order to see a result with no distinct intention.