Ink and pencil drawings

I started my blog over five years ago creating minimalistic geometric designs, most of them I created digitally as it tended to be cleaner for this type of line work but to practice whilst moving around I often drew pen versions. Over the years I have amassed a large number of these designs, created out of an interest in precise structures and the build up of intricate detail to create a larger shape. Out of everything I have created these designs have received the most interest both when it comes to working with clients and sharing on social media.

If there is anything in art that I feel most comfortable and versed in it is geometric ink drawing as it is the process I have spent most time doing. I used to draw shapes, lines and cubes in the backs of my textbooks at school when I was bored in class, even sometimes on the pages I wrote on (much to the annoyance of my teachers) and so my development with it was not so much intentional but a pass time. 

 Last year I did a series of "A2 giveaways" featuring a few of my more known designs, to say thank you to those who support my work.