Digital works

My digital ideas are here and there a lot of the time, I have created so many digital ideas, that ,mixed with my photography my computer is suffering under a burden of endless psd's and jpgs, I have three external harddrives each above 1tb of graphic pieces and snippets that I have created over time. I think the main reason for this is the shear convenience of creating in this way, no mess and the freedom to make mistakes and just "undo". I feel this has lead me to develop an eye for what works, and most importantly what I find satisfying, it has also given me confidence in my ideas, to run with my own thoughts. I very much see it as a time of trial and error. 

The other big reason I was drawn to this form of creating is the way in which you can use photography in art. Photography is another passion of mine, though I would say it is a resource to remember, more than anything. All textures and layers I use in my graphic designs are from my own photographs and I have always thought this is an important aspect of what I do. I like to be fully self sufficient to interweave between mediums and use all resources at my disposal and there are a lot of way you can edit/manipulate photographs to serve your intentions. 

I would like to use my graphic and photographic ideas to inspire and direct physical projects in the future, I see all the graphic work I have been doing as research, learning, progress for more refined/larger scale projects.