The works are presented in a chronological order such as the study (the drawings), the academic period (abstract work), and then the work done as a freelance artist after graduation.

​Outgoing from the ˝the work of the great Masters of Art” and the “Human Existence in a Limited Space” my main focus lies upon the Surrealism and Hyperrealism painting in contemporary times. Also, I’m interested in abstract and conceptual art based on philosophy notions.

I’ve known myself as an artist since I was little. My parents offered me paper and pencils to express what I want through the lines. Since then, I only know this world as an art world. I have learned that everything can be expressed through thoughts, body expressions, words, lines, volume, shadows, light and color.

I know that nature is perfect as it is and any attempt to recreate reality with the result of a trace left by the brush, is just a picture, it can never be as valuable as the original nature; so I paint to keep a beautiful part of the world always with me, wearing the beauty of perfection in me and sharing with others.
I like deep ideas that lead to imagination and therefore my works get a surrealist direction combined with hyperrealism. The objects are not simple representations, these are part of an existential concept of living. Symbols such as the passage of time, past, present, future, memories, manipulation, sadness, loneliness, injustice, envy, desire, courage, success, dream, knowledge, ignorance, the secret of existence, turns my works into reality.
When it comes to abstract and coceptional notes, it’s almost the same kind of existential ideas. Everything has a sense of illusion, a contrast between every single detail of existence.
So, through my work I draw attention to the moments we live in and the way life transforms us and gives us everything. We have moments of glory but also of failure, because we have learned to build a goal and try to get it. We create a sense to our lives and our mind becomes the creator of what we feel...
I thank my art master, Gheorghe Miron, who gave me “life”, who guided me and transformed me into an artist, who opened my eyes to artistry and desire to perfection, who believes in my dreams; I thank the world for letting me be part of it and therefore I have the chance to leave a trace in this universe. I thank the one who will pay attention to these thoughts, my portfolio and my story