How To Write Term Papers The Chicago Style

How To Write Term Papers The Chicago Style

Hi all, today I am going to discuss all about the Chicago style term paper.  So, those of you who wanted to write their term papers in this format and were confused on how to write it, this post is just for YOU. How to write term papers the Chicago style? Students, it involves the use of a specific research and writing style developed for a variety of disciplines. The Chicago style is one of the commonly used term paper formats. This writing style is well-known for its good documentation presentation. If you are using it you are not only holding on to the instructions, but you are also giving an opportunity to the interested reader to verify your source notes as well as to read further essays from

There are two Chicago bibliographic formats. One is for humanities and is called the Notes-Bibliography system, and the other one is the Author-Date system, that is used for science subjects. They differ from each other very much.

I would advise you that you should use The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition for a detailed description on how to use the Chicago style in term paper writing. There is another manual that can be used for help which is Kate L. Turabian's Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Thesis, and Dissertations, 7th edition. This manual offers slight modifications to the Chicago style and presents a format commonly known as the Turabian citation style.

You have to keep this in your mind that researches and writings in academic world would really be chaotic if every researcher or writer was allowed to write in their own manner. Therefore, your term paper is assessed in layout as well as in valid appearance. All the features of a Chicago style term paper from must be explained before the beginning of the writing process. If you will delay it, then it may become difficult to follow all of the sources you have used for your research paper or term paper.

  • Here, I am listing the main requirements of the Notes-Bibliography system in Chicago style term paper:
  • This system is commonly used for referencing by means of footnotes or endnotes and bibliography pages.
  • The footnote or endnote should be mentioned every time you write something from a source, whether it is a direct or indirect citation.
  • The footnotes are featured at the end of the page, while endnotes should be added at the end of each chapter or entire document.
  • A superscript number coinciding with a bibliographic note number should be put in the text at the end of the sentence which references the source.

If you cite the same source again, you should include only the authorís name, the title and page number in the note. In first note the complete information in your resume from on the source should be documented.

In Chicago style footnotes and endnotes begin with an appropriate number followed by a period and a space. However, in Turabian style a superscript number is placed before the note.

The references page is called Bibliography and placed before the index page at the end of the document. It lists the sources in alphabetical order.

Bibliography has to include all sources cited within the paper and may include other relevant works that were not cited but can be used for further reading.

Here are some valuable tips on the notes and bibliography entries formatting:

  • In bibliography the authorís name is inverted and separated by a comma.
  • Titles of books and journals are italicized. Titles of articles, book chapters, etc. are presented in quotation marks.
  • Then publishing information is given in the following order. Place of publication is followed by a colon and a publisher, which is separated by a comma from the succeeding year of publication.
  • However, you should keep in mind that in Chicago style term paper notes and bibliography entries will differ in formatting. Examples of a note and an entry would look like this:
  • Note: Richard I. Levin, Statistics for management (New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1978), 101-102.
  • Bibliography entry: Levin, Richard I. Statistics for management. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1978.

These were some tips and tricks on how to write your term paper the Chicago style way. I am sure it will help you in writing your term paper. If you want any help in writing research and term papers, you can order our services as we hire experienced and professional writers to write your research papers and term papers according to your choice.

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