Wickerd is a collaborative project commissioned by Crossway Foundation. It invited participants to collaborate with Flour to invert, reverse and subvert unchallenged notions about the application of basketry by creating together a new architectural space through ancient techniques using a mixture of natural and hi-tech man made materials.

Basketry is frequently perceived as a process tailored to create vessels to contain things that are necessary to people. It hasn’t always been like that. As a process that sprung spontaneously in every part of the planet, basketry has historically been employed to contain livestock, people and even land.

All involved embarked in intimate new experience that encouraged a debate surrounding diversity and plurality through making.

Currently Wickerd lives at the squint/opera HQ offices in London. And some of the creative minds there have warned us that they may keep tinkering and playing with it. We love when they story doesn’t end. So watch this space.