Shoes…(3 Pieces)

Oil on canvas

40(H) x 40(W) cm



That’s a story about human life from born to death. And those are mixed with Hong Kong culture (mixture between Chinese and Western).  So there’s mixed with the life of ballet shoes and every step of our life.


There’s a Chinese proverb “讀萬卷書 不如行萬里路” (It means Reading ten thousand books is not good as travelling ten thousand miles.) Shoes can protect our feet to prevent they get hurt, so that we can walk as many kilometers as we want. We use to wear different shoes at different situations. For example, running shoes are for running,   wedding shoes for wedding etc. It’s like our life; we came into the world without any shoes. Since we started to walk, we need to put on different shoes to keep walking for our step of life. We need to learn different things and play different roles in our whole life.


For the dancing shoes, they mean our life cycle from new to old. That’s something we cannot control, everyone needs to get old. When the dancer trained a lot, the shoes would become old and dirty. On the other hand, it means the dancer gets more experience and become a better dancer. There’s a Chinese proverb “不聽老人言 吃虧在眼前” (It means if you wish good advice, consult an old man. Otherwise, you will be failing soon.) Experience is the best teacher. It is always the best that we can get some invaluable advice from experienced people during our life, although they are old, they went through a lot when they were young.