Acrylic on canvas

20(H) x 20(W) cm

10 Pieces

19 July 2014



I drew some of paintings revolve around skeletons. Those are one of them. Why I enjoyed painting this kind of topic?  Nowadays, Hong Kong people are caring about how they look and what do people think. They forgot what they do and how they think are more important. That’s never been a problem no matter how beautiful or ugly you are from outside. No matter how is your makeup look like. Everyone looks the same under the x-ray. It’s the same that everyone are equal in front of the God no matter you’re rich or poor.


It is a problem if you do have an evil heart. There's a proverb “Fair face, foul heart”. So, I cared about “The Heart” and “The Uterus” at these paintings. The heart is the most important visceral inside humans and other animals.  I do believe that all the good things are come from the deep inside instead of thinking too much. Especially, when I am painting, I will let my brain free and paint what I feel to do. 


Moreover, “The Uterus” is an amazing place for foetus to grow until childbirth; it is also a good connection between mother and foetus. Connection is becoming a big problem in 21th century. Everyone likes to do texting instead of chatting face to face. And, babies are pure as crystal before they come to the world. I wish one day I can be pure as a baby living without worries and live happy forever.