Ballet Dancer

During ballet performance, dancers are wearing beautiful dress, makeup and with their lovely smile. It makes us forget how they went through the hard training. That’s why I chose ribbons to represent the body of dancers. 


Ribbon is soft and stays in an untouchable from. It seems like you can control its shape, but actually you cannot. It’s like our life, even we planned everything well, but sometimes there’s something happened without any notices or totally out of your control. I am glad that I hate to do planning, that makes me to enjoy every moment in my life and learn from the experience. There’s always full of surprises can happen. Even it was not only good things will happen, but that’s part of our life, we can learn a lot from the failure.


“Ballet Dancer 2” is wearing a mask without eye contact with viewers. She doesn’t want to let people understand what she is thinking.  That’s a problem happening in Hong Kong or other big city. People are too scared to let others know what they are thinking and what their mood is. So they will wear difference mask everyday at different place. Just pretend to be happy.  For example, mother used to tell her boy to stop crying just because he’s a boy. From day to day, the boy will try to wear the mask to cover his feeling.