STRATA | @cavanjayne

Climate, weather and non-material forces are the core of my current practice. 

Growing up on the Scottish coast while reading about climate change and the anthroposcene led me to a deep understanding of how precious and constantly fluctuating our environment is. I wanted to materialize this constant flow through infinite lines and dynamic form around the body. By using all natural fibres and colour pigment from various types of wood and plant, my pieces are natural in every sense of the word to manifest the beauty straight from nature.

'The elements around us are consistently fluctuating and harmonizing in infinite flow. As the air, light and rain collide, colours and form refract and expose the beauty nature creates. Capturing flow through engineered knit, natural pigment and a fusion of material form wearable stratas that run around the body and move with it.

 The climate is in real danger, as we continue to drive the anthroposcene. Design ethics and principles are at the heart of design practice and using only natural fibres within every step of my process is integral. From peace silk cultivated and woven in the uk, to organic cotton and natural dyes, every part of the process is as crafted and considered as the final aesthetic. Structure is created with wood and metal strips integrated into the structure of the knit, while easy wrapping layers are built below for comfort and flexibilty.'