Physical and psychological study of humans

Photography and audio project by the London based artist Aleksandra Karpowicz. The project won Best Portrait and Visitors Choice Award at the National Open Art Competition UK.

'Let's Talk About Sex' is a psychological experiment that is inspired by Alfred Kinsey's books 'Sexual Behavior of the Human Male' and 'Sexual Behavior of the Human Female', in addition to research by other academics in the field of the Human Sexuality.

The literature and the data they include, provides a unique insight to how people behave sexually, which varies depending on their gender, age, sexual orientation, background and religion. We are rarely aware of the sexual behavior or preferences of people we know on a day to day basis (beyond simply gay or straight), and very often we don't allow ourselves to access and express these emotions or desires.

This suppression is heavily influenced by community and personal beliefs, including social conventions, religious prescripts and personal assumptions in regards to what is morally accepted or not.

Human sexual habits are so strongly associated and correlated with societies, environment, social status, and gender. The research also highlighted a long list of sexual deviations, mist of which I was not even aware of. The project was a challenge to the models, to reflect themselves or their character as well as to the viewer to interpret what they see.

In this project strangers were invited to pose in front of camera and show the emotions associated with sexuality of the character they choose to portray. The roles were a reflection of their subconscious. The project is a dialog about sexuality between the subject and a photographer; the subjects were asked to visually illustrate their feelings. Participants of the project ranged from 18-76 years of age and represented various genders, races and backgrounds.