Zoe Toolan

Location: Brighton/London
Website: https://www.zklt.co.uk

Zoe Toolan is a multidisciplinary artist from the north, now living in the south.

Social interaction, our relationship with 'things', and our understanding of time are recurrring themes within her work, which means that the link between idea and medium is intrinsic. This often results in live art and/or the exploration of experimental materials. Yet despite this fluid aporoach, drawing has always been the seed of her practice and whether conceptually or physically, her art is routed in her understanding of mark making.

Zoe is currently a fine art tutor at the Art Academy in London and also works within the whisky industry.


Zoe's live projects have been shown at various locations including Secret Garden Party, she has a sculpture in the Sluice_ archive, and she was recently selected as lead artist for a Live Art Development Agency DIY.