Zamil Ibn Zubair

Location: London

Zamil Ibn Zubair was born to Keralite natives Zubair Arakkal and Mumthaz Zubair, in 1981. Raised in Kuwait, he returned to India with his parents in 1998. Having been raised in Kuwait, one of the world’s richest countries, amongst the comforts and shelter of a loving home, the artist saw no indication of the creativity that lay within. It was only when he began venturing through his new home in Kerala (India) on the back of his motorbike, did the colours, scents and smells start to spark a creative flame that would take nearly 18 years to ignite.
In 2009, following a three year motorcycle ride through Asia, he found his most recent travels had awakened a love for cooking, and led him to becoming a chef. Having obtained a qualification in culinary arts, he found joy in more than just cooking.
“…setting up the plate, was my favourite part. Seems simple when you see a photo in a magazine or a recipe book but actually it’s quite tricky balancing both colours and flavours on a plate…”
Food photography became a hobby and then quickly turned into a passion. Before too long, his love of capturing the beauty of food extended to the beauty of the streets. Nothing in London was safe from his camera lens and he soon found that others were enjoying his photos as much as he was.
In 2013, Zamil suffered a severe injury. No longer able to wonder the streets with his camera, he began expressing his creativity through a different medium.
“…all my dreams just went on hold and that creative person in me just seemed to be drifting away. That has to be my toughest and most trying moment. Being broke, brought out an unexpected side and forced me to search for the humbler man, in fact that’s when someone truly discovers themselves. It’s how I started painting…”.
Stroke of Peace is one of the artist’s earliest works and originates from a photograph he captured while wandering the city in 2012.
From here with paint brush in hand, he discovered a new type of storytelling, one that combines photography and abstract expressionism to create a moment of greater depth and expression.
“…all paintings have a story, and the story behind my paintings start with waiting for that perfect moment captured on camera…”


Zamil Ibn Zubair's first solo exhibition titled XVIII QKings was held at the Underdog Art Gallery, London, SW1 3JW for 9 days on 18th August 2015.

Featuring 18 dynamic, vibrant and kaleidoscopic pieces of digital art, he showcased the power of colour and shape as a storyteller. Each piece was open to interpretation and expressed a mood, or perhaps rather, the struggle we often have with them. The inspiration behind the collection was moods, the duality and opposing forces between them. 18 QKings, stemed as a tribute to London. The majestic nature of London city was captured through the scope and scale of colour, size and vibrancy.

Details of this exhibition can be found on the artists website.