Location: London
Website: http://www.yonimahel.com/

My work is a hidden and sacred space that I need to explore and live. There are also various entities that sometimes want to impress themeselves in the water, leaving a sign or two in the paper... sometimes they are gentle and humble, other times they absolutely want to stay in the paper, no matter what I say or what I do to make their strange forms go away. The vasteness of this space conforts me and I never feel alone. The only key I really need to open the sacred door is the act of creation. Nothing else is required. Not even an "art mind set". The key often present itself in a bright feeling in the heart, in a crystal sound that surround every other sound or in a wind blow that lightly brush my face. It's a sign that I can enter the state almost effortlessy, that different realities are about to converge... We can't explore these realities with our everyday perceptions, but only with our hidden ones. And to find them we only need to enter... Yoni Mahel lives and works in London. She studied art history in Siena and Illustration in Florence. In her art she explores the spiritual and energetic dimensions of reality. Water is her tool of choice.


2014 - Astral - personal exhibition - Siena (Italy)
2014 - Corte dei Miracoli – collective exhibition - Siena (Italy)
2012 - White Hippocampus - personal exhibition - Siena (Italy)
2010 - Anonymous - collective exhibition - Siena (Italy)