Marta Yarza

Location: London

We are Yarza Twins, a design duo formed by the Spanish twins Marta and Eva Yarza. We do not believe that twins can read the mind, but we do believe in good design. Design has to impact both the eyes and the soul, it must be the milk for a tea, the mustache for Dalí (always at ten past ten) and the unibrow for Frida Kahlo, it needs to be precise and thoughtful, good design needs to be sexy.

Yes, we believe that two young women and furthermore Millennials (oh no!) can create exciting and award-winning projects that move the public. Brands like Universal Music Group, Decca Records, London Film School, Oia Council and Vice among others have trusted us. As a design consultancy, we have worked in New York, Madrid and we are currently based in London. Our projects range from strategy to artwork, from brand design and editorial to space and video design. We combine our twin superpowers and our background in arts and architecture to make each project unique and special. We mix our Spanish passion and hard-work with English seriousness and tradition to always go the extra mile.


Uk Young Artists 2016
Adobe Creative Jam 2015