Location: London
Website: www.xavisolemora.wordpress.com

Born in the beautiful Barcelona, in 1983, I’ve been working as a creative in some digital agencies.

As an artist, my focus pays special attention to the viewer, and its relationship with the digital environment. I’m interested in Pop culture, Prototyping and Storytelling. Although my past projects where mainly website based, since 2013 I've been interested in working with interactive ready-mades.

My current project is based on “Los Caprichos” of Goya, where I’m developing a new body of work around the concept of “Nasty Interactions”

My work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, London and across the Internet. Currently, I’m a member of Fish Island Labs, an initiative mentored by the Barbican Centre and the Trampery to kickstart the careers of a new generation of emerging talent whose work spans technology and the arts.

Artist Statement.

Xavier Solé is a visual artist who studies “Los Caprichos” of Francisco Goya and reviews them with a contemporary approach. In Goya’s series of 80 etchings, he dives into the deepest passions of humankind. A dreamlike story explained through wit: from politics to friendship, from religion to economy, from hunger to love.

Along with his study of “Los Caprichos”, Xavier Solé works on the concept of “nasty interactions” to shape his outputs. Through childish interfaces, he invites the audience to be part to the artwork and pushes them into enjoying something that could be considered as nasty, rude or violent. The “Goyesque” dark pleasures of humankind presented with a layer of innocence and playfulness.


Selected Exhibitions:

Culture Tech. Northern Ireland’s innovation Festival. 80/81 Gallery. September 2015. Derry-Londonderry.

Interfaces. Processing reality through art and technology. Barbican Centre. August 2015. London.

Fish Island Labs – Opening Exhibition.Fish Island Labs. July 2014. London

UAL – MA Interim Show. Camberwell College of Arts. July 2014. London

Pomegranate – Camberwell MA Interim Show. Brixton East. February 2014. London.

Peckham. Peckham Space. December 2013. London.

Ice is niiice. iPostcards from Iceland. (solo) Newton Space. November 2012. Barcelona.

Tuk-Tuk Myfriend. A Fake Twitter Tale around Thailand. (solo)
Nau Ivanow. May 2010. Barcelona.
MIM Space. June 2010. Madrid.

Coordenadas Preparadas. Alianza Hispánica - Contemporary Arts Centre. May 2009. Madrid

Generation Copy/Paste. In Sonora Interactive Art Festival. October 2008. Madrid.