Wojtek Strzeszewski


Location: London, Warsaw
Website: www.wojttek.com

Wojtek Strzeszewski studied painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw between 2010-2013. In the September 2013 he has came to London seeking better opportunities for artistic development and desiring to increase the audience for his works.

Wojtek Strzeszewski is a young polish painter currently living in London. In his work he returns to classical values in the art of painting being vividly modern in the same time. He rejects current regime of conceptual art making his paintings a reflection of his troublesome and romantic soul. He is obsessed with colour and form. He constantly explore those tools of artistic language to depict meanders of his self. Hi uses symbolism with engages with most sensitive, inner and spiritual elements of people's perception and imagination. Thus his works might be challenging to the viewer but seen life are able to engage him in an elusive metaphysical journey.

text by: Agatha Korbus