Aethan Wills


Aethan Wills

Born : Kyoto, Japan 1974
Education: BA (hons) Fine Art, Byam Shaw School of Art 1994-1997


Selected shows:

Creekside open, APT Gallery, London, selected by Plyllida Barlow 2011
Hypnosis of the Spectacle, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham 2011
Shelf, The Whitstable Satellite 2010
Total Recall, Concourse Gallery, London, 2010
InItsWake, Elevator Gallery, London, 2008
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, 2008
Process, The Hive Gallery, Sheffield, 2008
Transformer, Woburn sq. research centre, UCL, London 2007
PanAmerica, Chewing gum Gallery, London, 2006
Spelling Danger, Alternative Arts Space, London, 1998
Machine to theft, Studio Gallery, London, 1997
Thales's Leap, Concourse Gallery, London, 1996
Artist assistant:
Andrew Kearney 2008-12
Richard Deacon 1996
Douglas Allsop 1996



Shelf, exhibition catalogue,