Wiktoria Deero


Location: London, peckham art studios, Bussey building
Website: www.wiktoriadeero.com

2002 - 2006 Jan Matejko Fine Arts Academy, BA Painting, Cracow, Poland
2007 - 2008 Wimbledon College of Arts, MA Painting, London.

My Fine Art education embraces both, the classical 19th century tradition of developing and mastering the practical art skills depending on the medium and contemporary conceptual approach towards Art, its practice and understanding.
The ideas occurring within my works kept changing within the time and my own professional development. What interest me most is the core of the condition of being human and the poetry of such existence. I understand each of my works as a separate poem, with its own specific language and “figures of speech”. My metaphors, my personifications and oxymorons exist within the painterly universe of my own that hangs between the abstract and figurative. The logic as well as illustration of the representations of things in my paintings bear little importance. The subject matter emerges from the internal being outward, from an observed object or event to their psychic outputting. I hope to wake the feeling for poetry, sense of humor and subtle sentiment within both, the work and the viewer.


Solo shows

2006 Solo show - "Where and Why", LAMELLI Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2006 Solo show - "Behind the Curtain", LAMELLI Gallery, Cracow, Poland

Group shows
2013 Group show - "ODDS & SODDS", Moorhouse Gallery, London
2012 Group show - "THIS IS THE END OF THE BEGINNING", Moorhouse gallery, London
2012 Group show - "THIS IS THE END OF THE BEGINNING", Homefront gallery, London
2009 Group show - "AS THE WORLD TURNS", Tooting Bec, London
2009 Group show - "PLAGIARIZE", Peckham Studios Space, Peckham, London
2009 Group show - "LUCID DREAM", Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, London - shortlisted
2008 Group show - ROLLO EMERGE 1, "THE SEDUCTION OF PAINT", ROLLO Gallery, London
2008 Group show - MA Final Show Wimbledon College of Arts, "HUMAN ANIMAL"
2008 Group show - NUNNERY Gallery, London, MA Group Show Wimbledon College of Arts exhibitions