Rebecca Weeks

Location: Cornwall & London

Rebecca Weeks and Ian Whitford have been working together as ‘Weeks & Whitford’ since 2010. They began working together in order to directly address the boundaries between life, experience and art and to confront their own social and emotional limits and the limits of others. They allow themselves to be vulnerable, to fail, to not offer answers, to not entertain, and to achieve a disintegration within performance in order for meaning to come through from beyond rationality, from where words run out.
Weeks and Whitford utilise low and high cultural forms, images and significations. They borrow from diverse figures such as the stand up comedian, the clown, the tour guide, the pin up, and the lecturer. Influenced by literature, visual art, philosophy, performance, horror, porn and punk they blur the boundaries of performance art and common culture, theatre, academia, the private and the personal, art and life. Their work touches upon issues of class, gender, sexuality and marginalised identity both in terms of modes of expression and the content of works. They work in galleries, and often in non - art specific contexts.


Recent highlights include: Performances at Blauverschiebung 7, Leipzig, Germany, Marginal Arts Festival, Roanoke, Virginia, USA & dfbrl8r Gallery, Chicago, USA.