Virginia Tozzi

Location: Oxford

Selective Biography

1988: born in Prato, Italy.
Virginia Tozzi lives and works in Oxford, UK.


2008/2012: studied Fine Art in Florence, Italy.
2003/2008: diploma in Psichology, Sociology and Pedagogy.


2011/2012: design stage at “Waste Recycilg S.p.A. in Pisa, Italy.
2011: design stage “Fashion in Paper, 2011” in Milan, Italy.
2009: course of fresco “La LIum i el color” University of Lleida, Spain.
2009: design stage “Scenari di Innovazione 6” Artex in Florence, Italy.


Exhibitions (Galleries)

Sinergy Art Studio, Rome, Italy.
Riflesso, autoritratti contemporanei, 2014. (Group exhibition)

Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo), Rochester, NY.
"6x6", 2013. (Group exhibition)

Ground Arts Gallery, New York, NY.
"Home Exhibition", 2013. (Group exhibition)

Public Space One, Iowa City, Iowa.
​​​"Somatotopia", 2012. (Group exhibition)


Zen Arte Milano, Milan, Italy.
Virginia Tozzi, 2014.

RivaReno, Milan, Italy.
Kitchen Studio, 2014.

Studio 1+1, Prato, Italy.
PratoArtXmas, 2014. (Group exhibition)

Rimini Fiera Ecomondo, Rimini, Italy.
2013.(Group exhibition)

OFFICINA>15, Castiglione dei Pepoli, Italy.
"(F)rammenti", 2012. (Group exhibition)

Museo permanente del mobile di Cascina, Pisa, Italy.90° Campionaria del mobile ed arredamento, 2012. (Group exhibition)

Faculty of Architecture in Florence, Florence, Italy.
“Fashion in paper 2011”, 2012. (Group exhibition)

Arciconfraternita dei Bergamaschi, Rome, Italy.
“Fashion in paper 2011”, 2011. (Group exhibition)

Italian Cultural Institute, Madrid, Spain.
“Fashion in paper 2011”, 2011. (Group exhibition)

Parco della Fontina, Prato, Italy.
"Net Walking, passeggiata tra arte e natura”, 2011.

Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.
2011. (Group exhibition)

Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy.
“Fashion in paper 2011”, 2011. ( Group exhibition)

California State University, Florence, Italy.
2011. (Group exhibition)

Officina Giovani Cantieri Culturali, Prato, Italy.
Virginia Tozzi, 2011.

Prato, Italy.
“Zarini Street_Girl”, 2011. (Group exhibition).

Comune di Prato, Prato, Italy.
“Idee in vetrina 2010”, 2011. (Group exhibition).