virgile ittah

Location: London

Informed by her family history of exile and constant wandering, Virgile Ittah's work explores the notion of isolation, nostalgia and the impossibility of return. This investigation is wrought through an attempt to explore the body as a territory upon which questions about the nature of subjective experience and the workings of the psyche, can be perceived and described.

The material choices Ittah makes and the processes she selects are critical to her approach and to the intended reading of the work; wax functions as a means to explore the alteration of the body and the consequences of this changed state on our perception of the subject.
In sculpting movement rather than anatomy, and in using the material qualities of wax, close to the flesh of the skin, the sculptural work aims to explore the ambiguity between the being and the body.

Her probing of the spaces between subject and object, corporeal and imaginative truth, points the viewer to socio-political questions about control and power. Such questions are explored in relation to assimilation into Western society and a forced state of alterity; of falling between national and cultural identities.

The notion of 'complete installation', in which the viewer becomes part of and alters the work as a constant performance, is fundamental to her practice. In creating full site specific installations and in altering the space, the work aims to blur the boundaries between the past and the present, fantasy and reality.



'Open West', Cheltenham art gallery + museum, UK,
    in collaboration with Hitomi Kai Yoda. 12/10-06/11/2013

'Open West', Newark Park, Gloucestshire, Uk,
    in collaboration with Hitomi Kai Yoda. 6/07-18/08/2013

'RCA Show', Royal college of art, London, UK. 20-30/06/2013


Camera Clara Prize, Gallery UPP, Paris, France
‘Inspiring Matter’, Gulbenkian Gallery, London, UK.
‘Fair’, Edinburgh college of art, Edinburgh, UK.


" The death in art ", Transart Express, Paris, France.
Group show, Astarte Gallery, Paris, France


" Gynecée d'été ", Rachi space, Paris, France.
‘Lost through memory’, Facade Gallery, Paris, France.


"Tabl'eaux", UNO, Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Group show, D.I.T, Aix en Provence, France