Viola Wood


Location: London

My work is really a cross section of a thought process, a byproduct of a search for meaning or pattern and it is this exact relationship between thought and artistic expression that is the focus and drive behind it. It is a tool for understanding and processing.

This has led to work that is nearly always on paper, though occasionally it also takes the form of displays and pamphlets. Paper is a traditional medium for conveying information, yet my work tends to be deliberately abstract and nonsensical, rather aiming, through unrestricted, impulsive and naive mark making, to capture something undefined and fleeting. The ongoing overall investigation is into knowledge and communication. Visually taking note of and inspiration from the rhythms of written text and the structures of scientific notation and geometry.

My work is academic rather than aesthetic and it’s first aim is thoughtfulness rather than beauty. The end product is incidentantal, the process is key.