Veronica Valeri

Location: Birmingham

VERONICA VALERI is an Italian artist from Rome based in Birmingham.
​1988 - Diploma at "Liceo Artistico via di Ripetta", Roma.
​1995 - Degree in painting at "Accademia di Belle Arti", Roma.
​90's - Collaboration with the independent illustration and comics magazines
"Ifix Tcen Tcen" and "Circus Comics".
2012/2013 - Resident in London.
​2013 until present - Resident in Birmingham, West Midlands.
2014 - Italian Tattooing licence, Fashion Look Academy, Roma.
2015 - Qualification BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training.


2020 - Finalist for "The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2020"
(the exhibition in February 2021 due to the COVID crisis).

2019 - Group Exhibition "The Female Gaze", Theatre Deli and Dark yellow
dot, London.
- Group Exhibition "OverDrawn" at Buster Mantis, presented by London
Drawing Group and Dark Yellow Dot, London.

2016 - Participation with original drawings of David Bowie to the charity event
“Major Toms” at The Club,Birmingham.
​2014 - Group Exhibition “Herman Landi Experience” exposed to the event
Crack 2014 at Forte Prenestino, Roma.
2013 - Solo Exhibition “Le Porte Scee”, Baccina Techne Gallery, Roma.
2012 - Group Exhibition “Itinerari d'Arte contemporanea a Roma”, Baccina
Techne gallery, Roma.
2011/2012 - Group Exhibition “Herman Landi Experience” exposed to the event
Crack at Forte Prenestino, Roma.
Art videos with DivineOfficine, group of roman videomakers,
2006 - “Nei secoli proteggi” (official selection at FestArte 2010 - Museo Macro,
2007 - “Se fuori è buio”.
2008 - “Lasciamoli lavorare”.
“Balla coi lupi”.
2008/2011 - Oil paintings for San Michele Arcangelo Church in Giardini di Corcolle, Roma.
- Oil paintings for San Luigi Gonzaga Church in La Botte, Guidonia
2005 - Solo exhibition "Realtà parallele" at Le pain quotidian, Tondinelli
Gallery, Roma.
1997 - Second classified at competition "Tribute to Bonvi" in the event
“Acquaviva nei fumetti” with the illustration "Inchiostri per fumettisti".
1996 - With the pseudonym of Talia Shaw protagonist in the indipendent film
"Hands off TV!!" by Stefano Latini, Orlando Siddi and Walter Mariucci
(in competition at Fantafestival in Rome in 2000).
​1994 - Group exhibition in Cassino (Frosinone).
1990 - Group exhibition at Tivoli Thermae (Roma).
- Group exhibition at "Sala della Cultura" in Guidonia (Roma).