Verity Quinn

Location: London

Verity is a freelance theatre artist and maker based in London. She trained at Nottingham Trent and has worked across puppetry, installation and site specific performance.

She am an experienced and enthusiastic community arts facilitator and has lectured and facilitated at Lyric Hammersmith, Nottingham Trent University, Half Moon Theatre and Arts Teams across the North East of England.


Big Wow (2016)
Half Moon Theatre & Justin Coe
Directed by Chris Elwell

Once Upon A Christmas (2015)
Unicorn Theatre
Devised by the company
Directed by Malachy Orozco

Holy Mackerel (2015)
Eastern Angles & Shanty Theatre Company
Written by Harry Long
Directed by Tim Bell

Beasty Baby ( 2015)
Polka Theatre & Theatre Rites
Directed by Sue Buckmaster

Alpha Beta (2015)
Finborough Theatre
Written by Ted Whitehead
Directed by Purni Morell

Under the Microscope (2015)
Club Adelphi
Written by Laura Lindow
R&D in various venues

Fourth Wise Man (2014)
Unicorn Theatre
Directed by Lee Lyford
Written by Purni Morell

Free (2014)
Half Moon Theatre & Touring
Written by David Lane
Directed by Chris Elwell

Selfie (2014)
Private Peaceful (2014)
National Youth Theatre, Amabassadors Theatre
Directed by Paul Roseby (Selfie)
Directed by Paul Hart (Private Peaceful)

Seesaw (2014)
Unicorn Theatre
Directed by Sarah Argent
Written by Stewart Melton

When I Think About The Universe I Laugh For No Reason (2014)
Unicorn Theatre
Created by the Young Company
Directed by Ellen Edwin-Scott and Emma Higham

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village Opening and Welcoming Ceremonies (2014)
National Youth Theatre
Directed by Kane Husbands and Richard Weinman

Dora (2013)
Adapted from story by Helen East
Unicorn Theatre, London
Directed by Purni Morell

The Trial (2013)
Adapted from Franz Kafka’s The Trial
Produced by Retz