Ulises Valarezo

Location: London
Website: www.valarezo.art

b. 1985, Ecuador

Valarezo ongoing research is about the emotional psychology that causes us absence and creates a disturbing reality.
In recent years his work has been in oil on canvas, the colours that he uses are usually earth tones; which with as few brushes as possible convey a clear and direct message with minimal use of colour. 40% of the work has come from photographs. Valarezo says "When I start a painting, I first analyse the situation of the model, follow the line in which I am experiencing and above all have my message come through, at least in an expression of the model's posture, facial features, situations that communicate what I'm looking for, when I reach this point I complete a light drawing on the canvas and over time I will modify it to obtain the internal language that it comes to communicate; abandoning the photographic models, I continue to transform it to my liking (I'm interested in the structure of the image, the rest I recreate it as I feel it). Time is a fundamental part of the process as it provides me with experiences and analysis, which evolve within the work and give the final complement. The work needs time to be conceived".
-Strongly influenced by Francisco de Goya's black paintings, their intimacy alludes to the proximity of death and its psychological deep-.


Solo exhibition, -Uncertain World- London, UK
Groupshow, visual performance group Under My Feet, -Beyond Sound PT. 2- London, UK
Solo exhibition, -The Psyche's Garden- London, UK

Solo exhibition, -Urban Portraits- London, UK

Solo exhibition, -Little things- London, UK

Collective Exhibition, -Sombras y Juegos- Madrid, Spain

Groupshow, -Murcia abstracta- Murcia, Spain