Vaia Paziana

Location: London

Visual artist, facilitator and Community Development Mentor based in London UK.
Degree in Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts & Design, Kiel (Germany)

My work centres around internal conflict and restrictions and its impact on our lives. Visual arrangements vary from narrative staged observations to transforming objects into abstract images, combining analogue mixed media with digital art forms.


2019 Workshop series for Digital Culture & Digital Creativity at RHUL
2018/19 Dada's Women Intervention at the Hatton, Newcastle Upon Tyne
2018 Images Contre Nature 2018, registered films library 2018
2017 Tate Exchange event Dada’s Women
2016 Video screening at ‘Instant City Reloaded’, Kings Cross
2011 The Stair Show, group show at Leroy House, London
2010 - Group exhibition at the Selby Café, London
- Photography exhibition at Café Olive in London
1998 Photography in Literature Magazine ‘HUNDSPOST’, Hamburg
1996 -Interior Design for ‘Café Lucy’ in Kiel (Germany),
-Solo exhibition at ‘Kaffehaus’ in Flensburg
1995 -Solo exhibition and art works at 'Kühlhaus', Flensburg
-Group Exhibition at 'Schloß Salzau',
-Photography at the venue ‘Pumpe’ in Kiel
1994 -Group Exhibition in Neumünster,
- ‘multiple art’ annual Group Exhibition in Kiel
1993 Group Exhibition ‘A 10-artig’ in Preetz
1991 ‘multiple art’ Group Exhibition in Kiel