Uzma Sultan

Location: London

UZMA SULTAN lives and works in London and Berlin and did her MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art in 1999. She has been Artist in Residence at Glogauair Berlin both in 2014&2016.
At Glogauair she worked on a project about food how it is commercialised and advertised.
Her paintings besides being on canvas and board are also on diverse supports like Aluminium and patterned vinyl.
Her work has been showcased in 50 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation in Feb and at Kunstim Tauthaus Berlin,Nov 2017 & at Subjectobject Gallery in Berlin 2018.


2014 Liverpool Independents Biennial,UK
2015 2 Person show with Qadir Jhatial,Koel Gallery,Karachi.
2015 ‘Birwa’,Sadequein Gallery,Frere Hall,Karachi.
2016 Luciano Beneton’s Imago Mundi Project,Venice Biennale.
2017 EAF Exhibition,Leipzigerstrasse,Berlin.
2017 ‘I need you to eleviate me here’with Ulrike Buhl,Kunstimtauthaus,Berlin.
2018 Space,Time & Details,wth Sonja Blattner,Subjectobject Gallery,Berlin.