nick taylor

Location: That's a very good question

Nick Taylor is a colourist whose art explores the visions he sees when he closes his eyes.

Many of his works are a result of dreams and journeys, and bring into view animals, landscapes and creatures often overlooked by anthropocentric eyes.
Nick is interested in the way such alternative realities rub up against and overlap with what we conventionally take to be reality. He explores worlds that he feels are no less alive just for being still. A flowerpot might wink, trees express personalities and rocks speak.

Growing up in South Wales, where a non-conformist chapel culture met post-war pebbledash, he developed a mortal fear of breezeblocks, absolutism and beige in all its suburban domination. This drove Nick to seek out colours in all their untamed wilderness. When he visited India in 2006 he realised not all cultures viewed colour with suspicion. Some even had a wealth of gods in a range of colours, a mix of the animal and human forms.

Lego, Bagpuss and the Mr Men dominated his landscape until he was four years old and these early influences remain potent for him; the messages and stylistic methods stay vital – Nick’s work is a simple form that often belies complex emotions, from wonder to fear and back again.·

Joy motivates his paintings as does the belief that this world, like the colours within it, grows only richer by admitting more of them.


Nick Taylor 'Other Worlds', Bay Gallery London, Dec 13-Jan 14
Group Show, W3 Acton, Dec 2013
Transitions, Narberth Museum, Wales, Sept 13-Nov 13