Tom Cardew


Location: London

I work with image and material to create artwork that is reflexive of our contemporary culture. In my practise, I am passionate about expressing truth, human truth; sublimated through narrative construction. This often leads me towards film, as a means to create stories that feels urgent, essential and needs to be told. I am an apprentice of art as a container for story telling, for creating a mirror within which one may realise oneself. I consider myself an expressionist whose work flows between realism and abstractism; as best I can, I remain am open to change and to making mistakes. I search in myself for a true, unedited & uncensored reflection of experience that informs the work I create. In a society structured upon implicit agreements of repression, suppression, comparison, competition and consumption, I feel there is an ever-growing necessity to deliver art that allows an uncensored reflection, an empathetic lens, on this beautiful and pathetic life. Bathos, the profane and mundane, is available at every moment and is something found in all my work; I need a sphere of the two when creating work; the light and the dark; the malevolent and the benevolent.



2015 - The SPACE, St Leonards-on-Sea

Solo Exhibitions:

07.2015 - ‘Some Images From Me To You’, Electro Space Project Studios, St-Leonards-on-Sea

2015 - ‘012 a material platform for the materialist in you (you want it), The SPACE, St Leonards-on-Sea

Group Exhibitions & Fairs:

2015 - Summer Show, Candid Arts, London
2015 - Bells from the Deep, Hundred Years Gallery, London
2015 - ZAP Summer Show, Zeitgeist Art Projects, London
2015 - Refuse Reuse, Pocket Arts, London
2015 - Forbidden, Guerilla Galleries, London
2014 - Kopitam Strait Times Café, London
2014 - Festival Images Contre Nature 14e, Marseille
2014 - International Video Projection, Toride
2014 - The Other Art Fair, London
2014 - Grace Gallery, Frome
2014 - A Europe for All, by All, Hundred Years Gallery, London
2014 - Y Galeri, Caerphilly
2013 - Whiteout, Hundred Years Gallery, London
2013 - Modern Alchemists, Cardiff