Tone Nyarkoh Williams


Location: High Barnet, London

In my long-term project ‘Talking With Vikings’, I am dealing with language, investigating the similarities that I find with my Norwegian dialect and the English Black Country speech. The initial part of this work was an exhibition called ‘Shadows’, at the Light-House Gallery, Wolverhampton where I made a site-specific sound installation bringing these two dialects together. The installation created a space where the viewer could examine the play and rhythms in the recorded dialogues. I am currently working on the second phase of the project called the Clent Expedition which seek to build a multi dimensional and in-depth topographical representation of the area, its people and its history.


Current Clent Expedition: ongoing project exploring the bounderies
between past and present, History and fixtion, as well as lived and
represented reality.

2013 Halesowen College: Halesowen, group show. England.

2008 Worcester Open: Pitt Gallery, Worcester, England.

2006 Gazebo Projects: Joiners Square, Stoke-on-Trent, England:
Open intervention exploring areas of intellectual property and
non-fixed gallery space.
2003 LightHouse Gallery, LightHouse Media Centre, Wolverhampton:
Shadows: Solo exhibition utilising sound recordings, and computer
generated animation to explore similarities, rhythms and play
between English Backcountry and Norwegian Trøndersk dialects.

2002 Sandwell Arts, Sandwell, England:
Sandwell Touring: Touring group exhibition organised by Sandwell

2000 Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, Norway:
Desember Utstillingen: Annual open exhibition

1998 Lichfield Centre, Lichfield, England:
Rooting around: Group exhibition featuring interventions and
installations by Staffordshire based artists.

1998 Shelton Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, England:
English Championship in Basse: Performative interaction exploring
the transmission of Trondheim’s local street-game ‘basse’, to a
mixed British and Norwegian participating audience.