Tomasz Laczny

Location: London

Born in Poland, Tomasz Laczny lives in London. In his works he deals with complex issues
of identity, belonging and connection. He published a photobook “40” about refugee camps
and conflict in Western Sahara which received honorable mention in 2016 Dummy Award
Kassel competition. The book mainly explores the notion of identity and disconnection of
the nation living 40 years outside their country of origin in refugee camps. His second
photobook -- personal account of gradually losing contact with his children after divorce --
“Disappearance” has again been shortlisted to 2018 Kassel Dummy Award Competition as
well as many other photographic festivals.
Both projects and books have been exhibited internationally in many photographic festivals
around the world as well as it has been published by British Journal of Photography in April
2017. In years 2018-2016 he had three solo exhibitions: in Zonoteka Gallery Berlin,
Germany (2018), Fotobuch 2017, Cologne Germany (2017), Le Plac’Art Photo Paris,
France (2016). Recently he has presented his work in various group exhibitions including
Zentralbibliothekim Kulturpalast, Dresden (2018), Photography Seminar, Nida (2018),
Photo book week, Aarhus (2018), Internationale Photoszene, Koln (2018), Organvida
Festival, Zagreb (2018), Photo Legendo (Officine Fotografiche Roma) Rome (2018), Istituto
Europeo di Design, Madrid (2018), Triennial of Photography, Dichtorhallen, Hamburg
(2018), Kassel Photobook festival, Documenta Halle (2018), Photo Ireland – The Library
Project, Dublin (2018), Tabernacle Gallery “Mythologies”, London, UK (2017), Athens Photo
Festival Photobook Exhibition (2017), Kolga Photo Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia (2017).
He has published four books including “Disappearance” (2018 self published), “Almost True” (2018 published by Void), “Cul De Sac” (2016 self published), “40/place which does not exist” (2016 self published).
In 2019, Laczny has been shortlisted for the renown Gomma Photography Grant for his new project in progress: “It All Is. And Nothing” where he develops his ideas on time and
absence and takes it to a further stage. This project already gained some attention; it was published online by Yogurt Magazine (2019) and Dodho Magazine (2019).



2020 BUP book award winner

2020 Reminders Photography Stronghold Grant, Tokyo, Japan, winner

2020 The Denis Roussel Award, 2020 outstanding work

2019 GOMMA Grant --shortlist

2018 Dummy Award Kasselcompetition – shortlist

2018 Self Publish Riga-- shortlist

2018 Manifesto,Touluose, France -- finalist

2017 Athens PhotoFestival Shortlist

2017 Kolga PhotoFestival Finalist

2017 Vienna Photo BookAward Finalist

2016 Dummy Award Kasselcompetition -- honorable mention

Solo Exhibitions:

2021 Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo Japan (upcoming)

2019 Paperlust Festival, Process, Galeria Apteka, Krakow, Poland

2018 Zonoteka Berlin,Germany

2017 Fotobuch 2017, Forum fur Fotografie, Special Guest, Cologne Germany

2016 LePlac’Art PhotoParis France

Group Exhibitions:

2019 Art BookFair Tokyo

2018 Manifesto,Toulouse, France

2018 Zentralbibliothekim Kulturpalast, Dresden

2018 Photography Seminar, Nida

2018 Photobookweek, Aarhus

2018 Internationale Photoszene, Koln

2018 Organvida Festival, Zagreb

2018 Photo Legendo(Officine Fotografiche Roma) Rome

2018 IED, Madrid

2018 Triennial of Photography, Dichtorhallen, Hamburg

2018 Kassel Photobook festival, Documenta Halle

2018 PhotoIreland – The Library Project, Dublin

2017 Tabernacle Gallery“Mythologies”, London, UK

2017 Athens Photo Festival Photobook Exhibition

2017 Kolga Photo Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia,

2017 Format Festival,Derby

2016 Photobook Week Aarhus, Galleri Image

2016 Encontrosda Imagem, Braga

2016 OrganVida Festival,Zagreb

2016 Fotogalleriet, Oslo

2016 PhotoIreland,Dublin

2016 Fotoleggendo,Rome

2016 8.FotobookfestivalKassel / Beijing

2015 Hundred YearsGallery, London


2018 Zonoteka Gallery,Berlin, Germany


2018 Temps Zero Athens

2016 Leica Store Kyoto

2016 Hamburg PhotographyTrienale


2018 Disappearance

2018 Almost True (as a partof a group)

2016 Cul De Sac

2016 40/place which does not exist

Teaching Experience:

2020 Handmade Photobook Workshop Gallery st Cyprien, Toulouse, France

2018 Handmade Photobook Workshop, London UK

2018 Creating handmade photobook workshop, London UK

2017 Visual Storytelling workshop, Refugee camps near Tinduf, Algeria


2020 Halogenure Magazine (upcoming)

2018 Almost True Void

2018 Burn Magazine

2017 Kolga PhotoFestival catalogue

2017 F-Stop MagazineLove issue

2017 prism 25.6Disappearance

2017 British Journal ofPhotography


2020 Halogenure Magazine (upcoming)


2017 Anders Petersen Lab