Tobias Tak

Location: West Hampstead London


<div>I'm a creator of comics, illustrations and graphic novels, with experience in education. My work has been published in various magazines and anthologies, and I have self published two books of short stories. I collaborated with other artists on book projects, communal drawings and group shows. After my art training, I had a career as a jazz tap dancer, vocalist and choreographer. As a teacher I worked with all ages, and taught professional dancers and community groups alike, in international workshops and at various academies, studios and community centres.</div>

<div>Education: Royal College of Art - BA and MA in drawing and teaching art, the Hague, Netherlands. Dance training: New York City.</div>

<div>Published work a.o.: LeGun (all issues), Hotwire and Blood Orange both published by Fantagraphics, the Comix Reader (U.K.), Pood (New York), Typhon, Bare Bones, Wormhole, Witch, Filmfanfare (Holland). Self-published books with collected stories: &quot;Gaboon's Daymare&quot;, &quot;Upside Down&quot;, &quot;Lost in the Groove&quot;.</div>



2012: Comic Reader 4, launch and exhibition, Gosh Comics bookshop, London
2012: Lambs Conduit Street exhibitions: solo show drawings/prints, the Lamb, London
2012: Comic Reader 3, Gosh Comics bookshop, London
2011: Close Eyes To Exit, group show with LeGun and Bare Bones, Red Gallery London
2010: Bare Bones, exhibition and launch of Bare Bones issue 5
2010: Pood magazine, exhibition and booklaunch, Artlexis gallery, Brooklyn USA
2009: Thought Balloon, Artlexis, Brooklyn New York, USA
2009: The Comic Book Party, bookpresentation/exhibit, Persephone Bookshop London
2008: Typhon, launch party and exhibition, Monasteraki Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2008: The Family, group show with LeGun collective, Rochelle School Shoreditch
2008: Hotwire, group show, Scott Eder Gallery, Brooklyn New York, USA
2006: International festival LeGun, group show, Nog Gallery, London
2005: The Magic Mirror, solo show, De Gangkast gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands