Gary Phillips


Location: London, England

Gary was born and raised in Stepney in London's East End; his family history can be traced back for at least 200 hundred years in London, probably longer. In each piece of work he tries to reflect up to 2000 years of London history; from Roman occupation through the great plagues and fires that have blighted London, through empire building and brisk commerce, right up to the present day. Each piece is unique and always has a story to tell. Over the past several years Gary has had his work exhibited both in London and in New York City, where he spent a number of years working on urban art projects as well as exploring the less-well-trodden city parks in search of American and British Revolutionary artifacts.

Gary's art focuses on art made from found objects and includes mixed media, jewellery, paintings, mosaics or any other form that appeals to him at the time. His work is changing and evolving based on the materials that come his way.


Canary Wharf, London
Cambridge, UK
New York, NY