I have been exploiting my personal emotional experiences as the main source of ideas to produce work, but the fact remains that I was not entirely satisfied with those self centred aspects. I have always believed that artists have bigger roles to play, but until now I was not ready for that sort of transformation, at the same time I knew that the right time would come.

Lately I have had the desire to move away from painting mysterious worlds of symbolic and emotionally charged woodlands moving into representing the brutal reality of the world we live in.

I find it hard to comprehend war. I find the aftermath of war unbearable, the tremors left behind that live with people. We are bombarded with images of war so that aspects of it we see in the media become normalised. Through my new work, I am trying to capture the sorrow behind these representations. There were two images that I found particularly powerful from a recent war, one from Metro newspaper and the other from the internet, they were the main ideas for the work exhibited today.

My landscape paintings during last two years are mysterious, dreamlike and thoughtful; paintings tell stories of past memories and capture seemingly insignificant moments that are emotionally charged and enigmatic. It represents our contemporary isolation and the need for political engagement.

The paint is applied thinly in a loose manner onto the canvas and allowed to drip freely over most areas creating a smooth surface, while other areas are highly textured. The canvas itself is divided roughly into three bands; the upper and the lower represent the sky and the foreground, giving the painting a feeling of depth.

My paintings move away from a typical reality. I use personal photographs, postcards, magazines, media and video still shots as sources of ideas. These photographs are translated symbolically rather than literally, staying away from small details whilst emphasising a deeper meaning of the soul.

BTEC Wheel Throwing, Wesminister College 2015
BTEC Ceramics level3, Westminster College 2014
BTEC Ceramics level2, Westminster College 2013

MA Fine Art, Middlesex 2011
BA Fine Art, Middlesex 2010

BETC Art and Design, West London & Hammersmith College 2007


Group Exhibitions and Shows
Mall Galleries ‘Perspective’ 22-27 June 2014, London SW1
Bermondsey project space, 'Sunless' April 2014 SE1
Tokarska Gallery, 'We Are Here' 15-22 February 2014 E17
Mall Galleries ‘Perspective’ 17-22 June 2013, London SW1

Mile End Art Pavilion, 7-15 March 2012

Candid Arts Islington, September 14-19, 2011. London ECIV INQ

Rag Factory, April 2011, Brick Lane, London E1 5LJ

Truman Brewery June 2010, Brick Lane, London E1 6QR

Cat Hill, May 2010, Cockfosters, Middlesex

Cat Hill, May 2009, Cockfosters, Middlesex

Cat Hill, April 2008, Cockfosters, Middlesex

Group Exhibition, 2008 ‘Turning 1’ January White City, London W12

Group Exhibition, 23-27 June, Barons Court, London W14 9BL

Solo Exhibitions

Tokarska Gallery ‘Turning’ 23 Sep- 8 Oct. 2011, Blackhorse Road

CatHill. 23-30 March 2011, Cockfosters, Middlesex